Autism Evaluations

If you are considering an autism evaluation, you've come to the right place. At Speech and Language Development Center (SLDC) we have 60 years of experience with autism and related disorders and are leaders in the field of special education.

Welcome to our Comprehensive Assessment Center-Autism Evaluations

Assessments of ASD, ADHD, specific learning disability, sensory processing disorder

Autism Evaluations:

Parent Consultation Includes

    • History
    • Record Review
    • DSM 5 ASD Dx Criteria Review
    • Questionaires

      Patient Observation Includes

    • Social Communication and Interaction
    • Social/Emotional Reciprocity
    • Nonverbal Communicative Behavior
    • Imaginative Play
    • Patterns of Behaviors
    • Flexibility
    • Interests
    • Sensory Responsiveness


Follow Up With Parents Includes

  • Diagnosis – Written Report
  • Comprehensive Recommendations

Dr. Jerry Lindquist

Psychologist and Occupational Therapist
PHD – Psychology, MA – Occupational Therapy
Post doctorate work – Neuropsychology

Dr. Jerry Lindquist is a psychologist, neuropsychologist
and occupational therapist. He has worked with children,
parents and families for over 35 years. He has been
practicing occupational therapy since 1980
and received his license to practice psychology in
California in 1990. Dr. Lindquist specializes in the
treatment of people on the autism spectrum.
Sensory processing disorders, neuropsychological
assessment and treatment of special needs children
and their families are additional areas of emphasis.
Neuropsychological and occupational therapy approaches
involve the assessment and treatment of disordered
brain-behavior relationships such as those seen in
learning disabilities, autism and other neurological disorders.
While occupational therapists focus on lower brain centers
like those involved in mediating postural responses and
more autonomic sensory and motor functions,
neuropsychologists devote attention to higher-level brain
functions such as memory, cognition and attention.
A comprehensive evaluation can paint a complete picture
of a child’s functioning with an accurate profile of strengths
and weaknesses.

Meet Dr. Jerry Lindquist




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