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How Can I Enroll My Child in SLDC’s Special Education Programs?


Students who have been identified as having special needs, have an active Individual Education Plan (IEP) and are already enrolled in a district Special Education program have to go through a specific process in order to enroll in SLDC’s program.  This always involves an IEP meeting when change of placement is a part of the discussion. SLDC-Entrance Preschool
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Prior to an IEP meeting, there is an opportunity for parents to visit the program.  This visit provides an overview of the program and a tour of services and classrooms.  This is a general tour for parents only and does not lead to acceptance of a student, but only allows parents to determine if SLDC could meet the needs of their child.

Following the tour, parents who are interested in a possible placement can contact their school district and request either an IEP meeting to discuss placement, or request a referral to the program.  SLDC does not see prospective students without a referral from their school district.

Once a referral is made, even if it is not directly for placement, an appointment is made for a “screening”, face-to-face individual meeting with prospective student along with the parents/guardians.  This meeting involves reviewing current IEP, interviewing parents and student and visiting potential, appropriate classrooms.

Following the meeting, parents are requested to contact their district about the appropriateness of the program, while at the same time SLDC contacts the school district to discuss whether or not we can meet that student’s individual needs.  Typically an IEP meeting would then be scheduled to discuss the placement, services to be provided, and a start date established.


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SLDC offers “rolling” enrollment, meaning that students can enroll throughout the year.  Acceptance is based on:

1. SLDC’s ability to provide the program and services as delineated in the IEP; and

2. Availability of space in the appropriate classroom. SLDC does not maintain a “waiting list” per se because although openings may occur throughout the school year, the openings may not be appropriate for the individual student.

Once a student is enrolled, the school district is financially responsible for the student as well as administration of the IEP. IEP meetings become a collaborative process in which district and SLDC staff are responsible for oversight and implementation of the IEP.


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