Language-Literacy Connection 5.18.17

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The language-literacy connection: Roles and responsibilities of
speech-language pathologists within a shared-literacy framework

May 18th 9:00-12:30pm

Registration and check in time 8:30 am

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Presenter :  Geraldine P. Wallach, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow & ASHA Honors Recipient


Speaker Information

Geraldine P. Wallach, Ph.D. (Dr. Gerry Wallach) is a Professor and Thesis Coordinator the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at California State University, Long Beach, California. She teaches courses in childhood and school-age language disorders, assessment, phonology, and language development.  She has published widely in school-age language disorders including her 2008 book: Language Intervention for school-age students: Setting goals for academic success (Mosby/Elsevier).  She is an editor of the recent text: Handbook of Language and Literacy: Development and Disorders (NY: Guilford Press, 2014). She has also been one of three Americans involved in a teacher training project in Guangzhou, China. She prides herself in being a school-based professional and is committed to issues in education and the expanding role of speech-language pathologists in literacy.

Earn 0.3 hours of ASHA CEUs


Course Description

The presentation will outline key concepts that relate to literacy-based language intervention approaches with a focus on the integration of spoken and written language. The workshop will provide a conceptual framework that underpins the writing of meaningful goals and objectives for children and adolescents that address language and literacy connections. The themes addressed will be that language includes and encompasses literacy and literacy includes and encompasses language. Highlighting the continuum from early elementary school to middle and high school levels, we will ask: What should language-literacy based intervention “look like” at each level? And what is the role of the speech-language pathologist in literacy?

The components of intervention including: (1) the beginnings and evolution of literacy; (2) the use of background knowledge in the construction of meaning; and (3) the integration of content and structure knowledge will be explored. Throughout the presentation, we will question questionable practices that exist and persist and offer evidence-based alternatives.

Presentation Objectives:


At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to:
Discuss current intervention practices across the language learning continuum that integrate literacy-based approaches
Write goals and objectives that are contextually-relevant and curriculum based
Ask at least three critical questions that help clinicians develop and deliver strategic-based and literacy-focused intervention

Registration: $75 per attendee, includes light refreshments
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